Sunday, September 2, 2007

The skinniest cat in town

Do you have any pets? I do. I have a cat. I have always had cats. First, because the family has loved cats for generations and second, because I now live in small apartment with the boys and it is no place for a dog. Dogs need space - cats need respect. Also, I live in Minnesota and it will be a cold day in hell (in Minnesota that's the weather 7 months out of the year) before I get up at 5 a.m. to walk the dog in 15 below temps with 30 below wind chills.

If dog-years are the same life measurement for cats mine is 133 years old. Unlike most older cats who tend to put on the pounds like we humans do, my cat is a scrawny little guy. This is due to the fact that he has been bulimic for most of his life. Maybe you have a cat like this - they eat as little or as much as they wish an then throw it up in the most inconvenient spot they can find. I've started buying only cat food brands that match the color of my rug.

My younger son has a fun trick he likes to play on mom. He discovered he can imitate the cat's "pre-barfing" sound to a tee. Many is the evening I have come screaming down the hall to find kitty and get him on a tile surface just to see my 7 year old laughing in the corner. I am not amused.

Cats are definitely SBs, they like things on their own terms and the older they get the more this is so. All in all I love the cat. I've had him longer than I had a husband. I respect that he's an old SB and needs some extra care. Don't we all?

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