Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama vs. McSame

I can't say that it was the most inspiring debate I've ever heard, but the debate really couldn't be inspiring. We need more than a cheerleader to run this country (or a demented cowboy like we have had for the last 8 years). We're in it too deep for the usual campaign rhetoric and touching stories - I wish someone had told Senator McCain.

I tried hard to listen to McCain's plan for our country but I could barely find one. Instead I found a nice old guy who seemed peeved and wouldn't even look Senator Obama in the eye. He spoke of how we need to do "something" and I never got much of a sense of what that something is. Instead I heard a lot of "he's wrong" and "he doesn't know" directed at Barack Obama. It is the usual school kid trick of trying to sound tough without anything to back it up. I think he learned that from his mentor George Bush the king of huff and puff.

I was also not impressed by the Christmas card list of people Senator McCain knows being brought up throughout the debate. Satyric example: "Back in aught 5 Henry Kissinger and I shared a salami sandwich near the reflecting pool while we discussed how much we love our country and how bad those foreigners are." So tell me, how is this going to solve the our policy issues and end the endless war? Where was the substance? How can you love something and not protect it? We're hurting out here. Hello!

I appreciate Senator Obama looking the America people in the eye and giving us details. I want a leader who will lay it out there for discussion and not pretend to have answers. Sure it is easier to criticize a plan that is out in the open than no plan at all - which is the safe road McCain plays. If he doesn't tell them what he wants to do, they can say it is wrong.

We need to elect a leader in the White House who is willing to put the guns and the threats down for a while and attempt diplomatic discussions. I seem to remember that working pretty well for leaders in the past (current incumbent not included).

Senator McCain is a nice man - so go have a beer with him but for heaven sake, don't' vote for nice, vote for capable and prepared.

P.S. On that note, I cannot wait to hear Senator Biden and Governor Barbie in the next debate.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hiding under the "Bush"

Like most American's out there I have to leave for work soon. Except maybe for the poor folks at Lehman's who lost their jobs.
I am going to continue this blog later when I have more time. Right now I have a though for the day...

Where the hell is George Bush in all this mess?

The only people I see answering questions about the economy are Barack Obama and McCain. Where is the man who has let this country go down the toilet for the last 8 years while he played cowboy in the wrong country fighting an oil-driven war. Boy, that strategy has done the American people well, hasn't it? As we see our tax dollars go to bailing out AIG and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, any retirement we may have had be in jeopardy and nothing being saved for our seniors and our children. Nice job keeping and eye on the American economy Georgie.

I find it laughable and scary that anyone would even think of voting in another republican candidate with the chaos they have left in their wake from 8 years of their leadership. People don't change over night. Political parties don't change over night. John McCain will not change over night. And don't get me started on Sarah Palin. We need new leadership. Please don't throw away your vote this year by hoping the republicans got it. A boss would not let an employee mess up for 8 years and keep him or her on the job. Teachers will not let a student fail for 8 years before stepping in. Let's be responsible voters and think about what really matters in the future.

Look at the headlines and see if what has been in office is working for you.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Que Sarah, Sarah?

In what must be a never ending quest to clear the air and keep bullshit and half-truths from ruining what has otherwise been a very exciting election campaign, I have some thoughts to add tonight.

#1. What is this trash I have been hearing that Biden and the media should take it easy on Sarah Palin because she is a woman and they will seem like they are picking on her. I bring your attention back to the way the Grand Old Party and the media chewed on Hillary Clinton - who, by the way, showed she could take it and give intelligent, informed answers when on the defense. (Can I hear a Bush Doctrine Ms. Palin?) If you are are going to play in the big sand box you have to get in there with the big kids.

#2. On a similar vein - I don't want anyone who might take a high office and help run this country to be to be treated with kid gloves. We need to challenge the candidates and know what they stand for. I am sure other countries that are no so friendly to the United States will not care much whether our President and Vice President are old and female. I don't want to find out if they can take the heat at a time when the heat might be a threat to our nation.

P.S. By the way, how are those gas prices looking in your neck of the woods? I know I can barely afford to get the helicopter off the ground to go moose hunting anymore.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The GOP is 'Palin' in comparison

Thank goodness the RNC has left Saint Paul and, I kid you not, there has been a chill in the air here ever since they came. It's like the Dementors were in town.

I have been watching the hype over the Republican running mate choice and I think I need to clear a few things up.

1.) Let's not say what a "Maverick" and bold GOP idea it was to have a woman for a running mate in a presidential election. I believe DEMs Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro covered that ground at least 24 years ago.

2.) Let's not say Palin will capture the women's vote. We are voting on issues not hormones. As a woman voter I am insulted that anyone would think I would vote for someone just because of their gender. It is patronizing.

3.) Let's not try to usurp the name Party of Change without giving any examples of change. The RNC was big on insults and small on issues. I can tell where Barack Obama wants lead the country by the specfics in his speech but not McCain. He spoke a lot about what needed to happen but not his method of making it happen.

Let's here more about details and less about pony tails.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I have had it. I have kept my tongue as long as an SB possibly can and enough is enough. What is going on with some people out there?

If we have the slightest chance of losing an election (an honestly - how could we if our eyes are open) to "one issue politics" again I am going postal. I am sad to see my Catholic paper plastering pictures of Sarah Palin all over it as if she is Mother Theresa. Holy cow! And I mean that. I am sure she is a fine woman in her own right but don't look at her as the sacred icon of anti-abortion. Abortion, although something I do not personally favor, is not the main issue plaguing our country.

So her 17 year old daughter is going to keep her baby. Great. Mom and dad make a good buck. She has health care and a stable home. Lots of support. Not a hard choice to make.

And while republican supporters say "Oh it makes Sarah Palin so human. It's just family matters and we should leave them alone." Human... uhuh. Why are republicans human when they err and democrats are called family values hating, flag burning, god-forsaken communists when they err. Can you imagine the grand old party field day if that has been Chelsea Clinton or Senator Obabma's daughter? I guess it only matters when it isn't a GOP family.

When did we become this country of people thinking you are only American IF you believe in my personal religion and all of the beliefs that go with it? I have a feeling that those folks who left England and decided to break away from their motherland did not do it because they wanted things to be exactly the same as the Queen felt they should be. (no offense Mum).

I also think that the Native Americans who inhabited this land long before the white settlers came had their own beliefs and own religions, which, according to our U.S. Constitution, they should be allowed to keep. Even our pledge says One Nation Under God but doesn't say Under the God of the right-wing Christians. Why then do people think everyone must believe only what they believe and not vote for what is best for all. ME the people not we the people. Geez!

This is only blog one on this topic. This country is in a mess. And YES - I LOVE MY COUNTRY. I AM PRIVILEGED TO BE HERE. MY FAMILY FOUGHT FOR IT AND IMMIGRATED HERE AND IT IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE. Got it? But it is not doing well right now. People are hungrier than ever. Having a home is an impossible dream for most of us. Health care is astronomical or unattainable. Seniors are struggling to survive. Children are going to be left with a humongous debt and a filthy environment. Now if none of those things bother you or effect you, by all means, vote to keep the status quo. You are fortunate to live in that bubble of yours. But if you are like the MAJORITY of us wondering how - with our full time jobs - we are going to pay for gas and school and food - then speak up! I want to hear from you. I believe we can do better.