Friday, December 31, 2010

Ta Ta 2010

Saying goodbye to a year of your life is an odd thing to do. You are really just saying goodbye to a number because all of the events and emotions stay with you and shape you as you enter the next year. So here it goes for number 2010.

First things first, I am grateful t be around for a new year. I am always aware that life is fragile since losing my brother in 2007 and almost losing my son Alex that same year. Many people I love have passed away and it is not lost on me that I have been blessed to spend another Christmas with my Mom and Dad.

My boys and I enter this new year healthy, with a roof over our heads and income to feed and take care of ourselves. In these days that is a lot to be thankful for.

We are strong now and many of our dear friends are facing hard times and life changing events. To them I say, lean on me. You were there for some of the hardest years of my life. I am so ready to be there for you. What do you need?

I do have some resolution-type things to work on. Chilling out more with the kids. Lightening up. I have had so many rough years I tend to look over my shoulder a lot. It keeps you on edge . I will try to soften that edge this year.

Also, as frivolous as it seems - taking more time to have some fun. Finding things to smile about and getting involved in theater again. Boy do I miss it.

I also need to get healthier. I am not talking about the diet till you puke plan. I am just saying I need to increase the healthy foods and activities. I started this in the latter part of 2010. I alrrady fell better. I have to keep it going.

Finally, let people know how much appreciate them. We all take too much for granted. I don't want to be that person. My inner monologue needs to match the words I say to others. I have a good life. Those around me make it that way. I want you all to know that.

So that's it for 2010. I am spending the evening with my boys and my cousin and her daughter swimming and staying overnight at a hotel. We are grateful to have this time together. For those I cannot be with tonight. Have a good and positive New Year. I'll see you soon. Promise!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

See you some day

Good bye Uncle Emil. With all our love, Susie Alex and Nick
June 27, 1925 - February 03, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just a hug for my uncle

I am sending out love and prayers for my Unlce Emil who is very ill and in the hospital right now. It is hard to be so far away from family when someone you love is sick and the family is gathered. My Uncle Emil is a beautiful man. He is a devoted husband, a devout Catholic, a father of four children, WWII vet, gardener, lover of crazy Christmas tree ornaments and a damn good domino player.

My heart aches for my Aunt, my cousins, my father and his brothers who are feeling helpless and praying for the best. It is no wonder to me that it is Uncle Emil's heart that put him in the hospital - you see it is a big heart. Full of love for all of us. Well used and given out freely.

I hope anyone who reads this will say a little prayer for him. He could use it.
Love, your niece, Susie