Friday, August 31, 2007

SB lesson #1

I am so ready for the 3-day weekend. I work hard at a job that is fabulous but totally out of my league. My co-workers are educated to the hilt with Masters in subjects like Urban Planning, Economics and Public Policy and I walk in with my little Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Arts. Wait! I am not knocking the arts, on the contrary, more people should understand their value in quality of life, understanding and connectedness. However, with my schooling occurring in the distant past my learning curve in this job was (and continues to be) a mountain. After 8 years as an at-home-mom who did consulting work on the side, catching up to the technology alone was enough to send the strongest SB screaming into the night.

I mention all this because it is a lesson in SB-ness. I thought I had about as much chance of getting this job as Dick Cheney has getting his Boyscout safety badge. What I did have going for me was a divorce with no place to live and two little boys to protect. Another thing to add to the list of SB traits is the ability to rise to the occasion. Sometimes the rising occurs when our backs are to the wall and the wolves are circling , but we rise. I was going to get a job, and a good one and I was going to do it quickly. The bonus came with loving the job I found (much praise for an employer who is the model for all employers). You closet SB's out there, whatever you need, really need...go for it. I'm rooting for you.

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