Sunday, August 26, 2007

I really should be in bed.

So I am an S.B. One of my best S.B. friends told me that not long after we met and I discovered, once again, that I have a cosmic connection and an instant like for pissy women from New York. We just blend somehow. I get them.

I have no time for being coy these days so let's get right to it. What is an S. B.? Before I tell you please read the whole explanation because it is not a tee-shirt slogan or a thing you call a girl you met in a bar that you don't like very much.

S. B. stands for Snotty Bi_ _ _. Can I say Bitch? I am in the habit of using underlines because I am a mom raising two boys under the age of twelve and underlines are a bad word, mom-thing. As I doubt my boys will be reading this any time soon and I want to be Honest as an S.B. I will use the word Bitch. In this case it is a very good thing to be, especially for those who the S.B. loves.

An S. B. is:
  • The kind of woman who has more empathy than is healthy coupled with a great deal of intelligence, a fierce sense of loyalty and the notion that she needs to stand up and speak out when she or someone else is getting shit upon. (or is it shat upon - I just don't know).

  • We tell people like it is and we expect some form of honesty in return.

  • We see things coming and often get bit in the ass when we warn someone to get out of the way. We are usually kind when they come back to us after having learned their lesson the hard way.

  • We work like bees (all puns intended).

  • We feel pain for those we have never met.

  • We try like hell to keep our families together and we make wonderful friends and fearsome enemies.

  • We have a VERY LONG MEMORY.

  • We are suckers for romance but don't really believe in it at the same time.

  • We read a lot because we always want to know more.

  • We laugh even more than we read.

  • We yell.

  • We often greet each other as just B. (And some of us find it funny to exchange things with bees on them. Remember bees sting but they also make sweet honey).

I know I'll think of more things about being an S.B. as this blog develops but that's a pretty good start.

Is late at night the best time to start a blog?

I find myself compelled to publish this now that I finally got off my ass and started a blog. I blog for my job regularly but this is different. I'm different. Different than the person you would see if I passed you on the street. I'm not hiding anything big and dark. I just had a lot of life fall on me in the past years and it pretty much covered up what's at my core. This blog is part of my attempt to scrape it off and see what emerges. Are you game? Are you B enough? We'll see....we'll see.


  1. Pissy New York women. Gosh that sounds familiar...


  2. I knew I could count on another great SB to be my first comment. thanks! Me

  3. Haha, I LOVE your definition of an S.B.!

    I would be honoured to be considered an S.B., but I leave it up to the jury members of my life to decide whether that is true or not.. ;-)


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