Sunday, September 9, 2007

A hunka hunka burnin' blog

Okay, I think I got this 'goodbye to summer' thing out of my system in the last blog. Let's face it, no one wants to read a crabby blog entry every night. I want to talk about something in the fall that I really look forward to ...Halloween. If the stores can sell Halloween junk three months early, by George, I can talk about it two months early.

I love to dress up. It is even better that I have two kids I can make costumes for from scratch. You heard me. I make costumes. No one-size-fits-all, sewn by slave labor, cheap looking knockoffs for this family. As a kid, my mom sewed our costumes and I have taken up the gauntlet. Hell, I've even made a few gauntlets.

In college, my theater and dance crowd always had the best Halloween parties. Two of my favorites: the "Princess Di Royal Wedding Party" (a friend of mine came as an anarchist and of course the Queen Mum was a man), and who could forget the "Come as Your Favorite Tragic Death Party" with classics like having an Alien popping out of the chest or the hospital patient with a cord hanging out that he let you unplug for a beer.

With kids you have to tame it down a bit. My greatest kid creation was the Elvis costume I made when my youngest was two. It was patterned after the older, fatter Elvis and was complete with studs, bell bottoms, red lined cape and sideburns. You know you've hit a fashion home rum when the sweet old lady who answers the door to hand out candy turns around and screams, "Fred,...Fred, get your butt off the couch and come see this. It's tiny Elvis."

I'd like to hear from any SB's out there who have a memorable Halloween costume story. And thanks for those of you who are leaving comments. If I met you, I'd make you an Elvis costume too.


  1. LOL I love Holloween too!! I too make my own costumes!! The first thing that came to mind was when I was married to my first husband... I went as a Fly ( I won a dinner for 2 & a bottle of Amerretto) My ex went as a piece of Sh*t.. LOL Hmmm I was on to something, and he just didn't get it!

  2. Well Nancy, I should have known you would have a great costume to share. I see you also have an ex...hmmmm - this could be a future blog topic. -Susan

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