Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hat's off to the original SB

I have a small picture in my hallway which contains just myself and my Aunt B who was also my Godmother. She passed away many years ago but much too soon in the scheme of things. I still miss her terribly. This is the right forum to share a little of her story because she was the original SB in my life. She was the lone female child in a house with four brothers, a singer in her youth, an office worker in her heyday and an SB everyday. She didn't have any children and never married which was a loss to men and children everywhere.

Just some of her gifts in life were:
common sense,
straight talk,
a need for adventure,
a big heart,
a strong will,
and a love of children.

She shared all of these with me. She had a way of looking out for those kids among my many, many cousins who were a little on the outside of things. She especially watched out for those of us who battled with our weight. She understood. She made us feel special.

For the grown ups in our family she wasn't aways understood. She grew up in a time when women really weren't very career minded; were supposed to stay home; were supposed to be quiet and tow the line. Not Aunt B. She was on the go, highly opinionated and most definitely not Betty Crocker.

From time to time in this blog, I will come back and tell you more about her. She deserves that. She deserved a lot happier life than the one she lived. A ancient Egyptian saying I once read said, "To speak well of the dead is to make them live again." Grazie mille Aunt B and live.

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