Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The mystery of the lost hours

I am such a hypocrite.

I am constantly yammering at the boys to put the DS down and back a way from the joy sticks. Once a kid meets up with any type of game system he/she is useless for anything productive afterward.

Now this was my thinking before one evening when I was feeling a little anxious and needed something to get my mind off the world for a while. I recalled purchasing a little computer game for myself that was on sale a few weeks back. As a lark, I opened it and loaded it onto my home computer...that is when I met Flo.

I am talking about the infamous waitress Flo of Diner Dash.

I spent many a year before college as a waitress trying to eek out a living. I worked my ass off for very little pay and a lot of grief. My perfume of the day was "Eau de Fryer." So I sympathized with Flo. I related to Flo. I was one with Flo. Night after night I snuck into my room and cranked up the computer ready to earn that new counter top or possibly an espresso maker - anything to please Flo and get her that new restaurant she so richly deserved.

Even my two male children were sucked into the mania. I found my seven year old slumped over my desk one night, asleep and murmuring, "If I only got the bread sticks out in time." His little finger was still clicking the mouse.

I knew I had to get help. I weaned myself off of the game, slowly. I am still one step away from getting that last upgrade that would make my fourth restaurant the envy of Chef Ramsay himself. I know that's not the most important thing in life anymore. I found something much more important.

I was saved. Yes, I was saved by a little game called, Nancy Drew Message in a Haunted House. Now leave me alone will ya. Nancy needs me to find out what Gun Bo Fu means.


  1. Oh my dear, until you've lost a long weekend to Civilization or another god game, you do not know what it means to lose time!

  2. Ahh Bunter, I see you understand. I will learn about Civilization but I warn you, if it is too serious I cannot get involved. My own life has been serious enough lately. Let the games begin.

  3. I was into Sims and then Sims2 for too long. It became a just too ironic that I would sit in front of the PC for 18 hours at a time taking pretend showers, washing pretend dishes, working on pretend relationships, and hoping for that new pretend job. I walked away and haven't been back. I still enjoy a good game where I can lose myself, but I stay away from those that are open-ended in favor of those that last an hour or two.

  4. Hello phlembol,

    Isn't it amazing how the game world sucks you in. I wanted to say thanks for your helpful comments on blog explosion. I take them all to heart as I am learning the personal blogging world. I promise more visuals and a clearer link to SB.
    Thanks for reading and leave me a link to your blog.


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