Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let me illustrate my point

I really have to write one of these things when I am awake. Then again, most people probably read these when they are only semi-conscious so it's a good fit.

You know what's on my mind... cartoons. Yep cartoons. I sometimes wish life were a little more like cartoons - except for the Japanese Anime ones because I wouldn't want to go around with those freakish big eyes and my mouth only moving for half of my words.

Looney Tunes

My favorite cartoon character is Foghorn Leghorn.

If Foghorn was female he'd definitely be an SB. Especially the way he is always going around trying to tell the other barnyard animals how to do things "the right way."

I love this guy. He is never bored. He always has a project. He's always singing. He's almost always happy. He gets to be outside during the work day. He has a dog. Not a bad life.

I'd like to hear what your favorite cartoon character is and why. Are there any cartoon legends you think would make particularly good SB? (Remember to check back to my first blog for definition). Leave a comment and "I say, I say, I say there," I might just write back.


  1. Hmmm, favorite cartoon? Strangely enough, I think I would have to say Top Cat. Why? He's a smart ass from Manhattan, need I say more? As to whether he'd make a good SB, I'd have to watch them again since I've not seen them in many, many, many years.

  2. Wow, Top Cat! I almost forgot about Top Cat. A classy choice from a classy SB. Susan


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