Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A little background music if you please

I have been living in Minnesota (via Texas) for the past 21 years and I like it here but I am, at heart, still a Wisconsin kid. I grew up there and it is a great place to do that because the pressure is off. As I learned later in life, many people from the East and West coasts don't believe there are people in the middle of the country - certainly not in a place called Wisconsin where cheese magically appears if you really, really want it to. This kind of thinking allows us to fly under the radar and we Wisconsinites like it that way.

My home town was a factory town where all the Italians married all the Germans, my parents included. These are two nationalities with personality traits I feel shouldn't be in the same country let alone the same bedroom. My folks, whom I ADORE, have somehow persevered for decades and I appreciate their strength. However, having their genes mingling inside of me has certainly nurtured my S.B. characteristics which make me want to hug you and hit you up-side-the-head all at the same time.

I don't know how other women became S.B.'s (for a definition of S.B. see my first blog). Maybe other S.B.s out there can write and tell me their stories?


  1. hey suez, it's sammi. i like this blog. i may have to make one for myself. but this one in particular, is great. i think i may be an s.b. myself. you know how i am. ask any of my friends. anywho, just stoppin by to show some love.
    love, sammi
    p.s. i posted my freeweb (something like this, but different) when it said choose an identity. i don't know if you can see it, but if you can, please check it out! or post a link on your site. love you!

  2. Sammi, Thanks for the comment! Please share the new blog with friends. I'll try to keep a high standard of writing. Take Care, Susan


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