Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A muse with the blues

Poetry by S.B.

"Oh To Be Thin"
Oh to be thin
To walk without a swish
and wave without a jiggle
for clothes to fit
the thought of it
makes a fat girl giggle.
Oh to be thin
to see the daylight
'tween your thighs
and lose the nickname
Oh to be thin
to be perused in
just one glance
to throw away the stretchy pants
and give a girl a half a change
to win.
Oh to be thin!


  1. OMG you are a very very humorist writer your blogs are very well written ,and I have enjoyed reading them! P.V. gave Joe your blog address and I am Loving it! I can relate to a lot of your stories!! Glad to be a part of your S.B. Club..LOL


  2. OMG .. You are a very well written writer!! I am enjoying each and every blog & can relate to some!! As a fellow S.B. I am looking forward to your next wittinly written blog!! Until next time
    A part of your extened family in wisconsin...
    Nancy V.

  3. Hey Nancy,

    It makes me very happy to hear from my fellow SB's and I am especialy pleased to hear you are in Wisconsin. If you have a blog feel free to share it with me. The "bees" need to support each other - it's what we do. Susan


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