Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama vs. McSame

I can't say that it was the most inspiring debate I've ever heard, but the debate really couldn't be inspiring. We need more than a cheerleader to run this country (or a demented cowboy like we have had for the last 8 years). We're in it too deep for the usual campaign rhetoric and touching stories - I wish someone had told Senator McCain.

I tried hard to listen to McCain's plan for our country but I could barely find one. Instead I found a nice old guy who seemed peeved and wouldn't even look Senator Obama in the eye. He spoke of how we need to do "something" and I never got much of a sense of what that something is. Instead I heard a lot of "he's wrong" and "he doesn't know" directed at Barack Obama. It is the usual school kid trick of trying to sound tough without anything to back it up. I think he learned that from his mentor George Bush the king of huff and puff.

I was also not impressed by the Christmas card list of people Senator McCain knows being brought up throughout the debate. Satyric example: "Back in aught 5 Henry Kissinger and I shared a salami sandwich near the reflecting pool while we discussed how much we love our country and how bad those foreigners are." So tell me, how is this going to solve the our policy issues and end the endless war? Where was the substance? How can you love something and not protect it? We're hurting out here. Hello!

I appreciate Senator Obama looking the America people in the eye and giving us details. I want a leader who will lay it out there for discussion and not pretend to have answers. Sure it is easier to criticize a plan that is out in the open than no plan at all - which is the safe road McCain plays. If he doesn't tell them what he wants to do, they can say it is wrong.

We need to elect a leader in the White House who is willing to put the guns and the threats down for a while and attempt diplomatic discussions. I seem to remember that working pretty well for leaders in the past (current incumbent not included).

Senator McCain is a nice man - so go have a beer with him but for heaven sake, don't' vote for nice, vote for capable and prepared.

P.S. On that note, I cannot wait to hear Senator Biden and Governor Barbie in the next debate.

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  1. Nice column Sues! I tried to call last night and got the answering machine - must have been on the computer hard at it, eh?

    Do you want your current effort posted on the Daily Kenoshan? I will try to get a hold of you this morning!

    Once again, good job!


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