Saturday, October 4, 2008

Debate #2: The professor and the intern

Well folks I have to say the debate was much more than I hoped. No, I don't mean that Sarah Palin was marvelous. She wasn't. I am talking about Joe Biden being the example of what a competent debater and good leader should be. He had the facts, he answered the questions (without winking) and he addressed the falsehoods. I was very comforted. Sarah just made me want to slap a sash on her and vote her in as Miss Congeniality. No substance and all show.

Her calculated ploy at the beginning of the debate was shameless - to ask if she could call the Senator 'Joe' was such an obvious plan of the GOP to keep the word Senator out of the debate so she would "seem" to be on a more equal footing. It might have worked had she not sounded like a parrot that was hoping to get a V.P. Cracker if she repeater what her owners told her to.
"Squawk - environment!"
"Squawk - maverick!"
"Squawk - Palin want a cracker!"

The other annoying aspect was the folksy - down home approach of Gov. Palin. I come from a once factory filled, working class town in Wisconsin. We know what real folks are. We also know when folks are trying to manipulate us and divert our attention to non-essential things. Her responses were so sweet the other night that my poor cousin had to up his insulin shots just to make it through the 90 minutes. Too bad that under the McCain plan he won't be able to afford extra insulin.

Okay - no more jabs - here's the facts folks. You can find Governor Palin and likable as you want. Heck, I'd have a cup of coffee with her. But I don't want an intern doing a manager's job. Our country is facing some of the toughest times I've seen in my 50 years and I was around for the Vietnam debacle. Please don't vote for nice - vote for capable. Vote for informed and vote for a team that isn't connected to what has been a failure for the last 8 years.


  1. Gosh darn it Sues, you weren't supposed to tell everyone about my darn insulin. Gee golly, shucks. Oh ya, I wanna give a shout out to everyone who reads this here blog, you all get extra credit! For more extra credit you can check out my blog at Gosh, it would be darn nice if you did!

  2. Thanks Paul (wink, wink) You sure are good folks, -Susie-Q

  3. The new campaign sign for the GOP should read: McCain/Fey (as in Tina Fey). LOL!!!


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