Friday, February 22, 2008

Sleeping with one eye open

Boy! I could use a break - how about you? I've been doing a little self-reflection lately. Yes. I do know it is well past the new year but a few things came up so I am doing it now. I've thought a lot about that old saying, "You're never given more than you can handle."


Sure, it sounds good on the bumper stickers but it's a load-o-crap. The saying should be, "If you want to survive you'd better handle what you're given".

Take this last Wednesday for example. I am sitting quietly at my desk. Doing my job. Minding my own business when the cell rings and it's the school nurse.

"You're son has had a seizure and the paramedics are here with him. He's not conscious and they are going to bring him to the hospital."

Al Unser , Jr. wouldn't have kept up with me on the way to that hospital. And even if he could have, I dare him to try it with a rosary in one hand and his stomach up in his throat.

As I waited for the paramedics to get there (I beat them there even though they were in the same city and I was in the suburbs). I realized I need to stop waiting for things to calm down. They are not going to. That's life. So instead of sleepless in Seattle I am sleeping with one eye open and my car keys under my pillow.

By the way, my son is okay and we WILL handle whatever comes next. I wish the same for all of you.

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