Wednesday, October 3, 2007

You say tomato and I say ta-mah-toe

I am on a little "date night" with my seven year old and he asks to go see the Disney movie "The Game Plan" starring the Rock. Not my first choice, but the boy is only seven. I, not being seven, decide I don't mind looking at the Rock for an hour or two.

We come to a scene in the movie where the Rock has his shirt off (surprise) and is trying to impress a girl by popping his pecs. My boy turns to me with an angelic look of enlightenment and says,

"So! Men have men have boobs too?"

I wipe the drool off my chin and try to put on a motherly face as many responses flash through my mind. The first of which was to say, "Well, THAT man does." Another option was, "Shhh, don't interrupt. This is Mommy Time."

What did come out was, "You see Honey, on a man's chest those are his pectorals. His pecs."

My child came back with, "Ohhh, so only women have boobs!"

Technically... he was right. (I tried to remember ever using the word 'boobs' in front of him but couldn't. Kudos to all those school chums of his for expanding his vocabulary). I replied,

"Well Dear, they are called breasts when they are on a woman's chest. You say breasts."

Then this big, blue-eyed, curly haired cherub announces,

"Well I call them boobs."

Sometimes you just have to let it drop and be grateful Pamela Anderson never made a Disney film.

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