Saturday, April 25, 2009

Secret identities

I am always curious about nicknames. Those identities you've gained through the years that only people who know you well can truly understand.

For example: one of the kid's at my son Nick's childcare is called "Stink". I assume the worse.

Over the years, I have had the luxury of having more personalities than Sybil. Quite a few of theses characters were paired with friends who also assumed false names just for the fun of it. Here are a few of the aliases I have gone by:
  • TIGER (given to me by my father and my first and favorite name)
  • TOOTS PICKLE (from my cousins - when we were kids we all gave each other fruit and vegetable names. This is ironic because my son Nick is currently known as Nicky Pickle)
  • SUE-EEEE! (from my brother who thought it was fun to torture me with a pig call name. I've tried to block this name from my memory but my psyche has permanent damage)
  • SUSABELLE (from my dear friend Patti's mom during our college days. I am still called by this name by the entire Richard family)
  • BECKY SUE BELLE JESSIE JO MAE BOB (again college, again with my friend Patti who was known as Patti-Poo-Pie-Poo-Poo-Pie-Poo)
  • Part of a fictitious girl band called SLEEZE AND THE WRYTHETTES (also college, also with Patti and with Barb. I was one of the Wrythettes)
  • MAMA ONI (with my now departed sweet friend Chris who was Papa Oni. This family was based on the Farkels of Laugh In fame. Papa and I had many, many children)
  • BETTY (counterpart to Bill who is my friend Steve. We met doing summer stock theater)
  • BEA (counterpart to Howard who is my charming friend Tommy. We met at college and were reunited touring in children's theater)
  • KATE (for Katherine Hepburn - during my serious acting days)
  • DAGO CHICK (part of a four person national acting tour that included Spence, Jewfish and Macho Chick - a.k.a Jeff, Bob and Maria)
  • LA-QUICHE-A (part of a current duo with my crazy bud Lisa who is Om-Letta)
  • And of course - SB (given to me by dear Joanne, the original SB)

If I have forgotten anyone of my names, please feel free to send them to me or to one of my personalities listed above. :)

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