Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The NRA - National Rummage Addicts

One outing that I enjoyed recently was five hours of garage sale stalking with my friends Lisa, Mike and Kevin. We circled the location of our prey in the paper. We entered our destinations in the GPS. We salivated at the thought of what might be in someones musty old garage or strewn about their back yard and we started the engine, sporting a a full tank of gas. The hunt was on!

Whether it was a garage sale, yard sale, rummage sale or estate sale - we were up for the challenge. First up to bag their game was Lisa who found a lovely, blue, floor-length satin dress that would only fit a SIZE 4 like her. She even slipped it on OVER her clothes! The only thing I would dare try on in public is a purse.
I was up next, cornering a sturdy, wood television table in a light wood that matched my living room. I had been seeking just such a table for months to replace the leaning tower that was currently holding up our TV set. I even managed to get the price reduced. SCORE!

Mike was slow out of the gate but rallied quickly by corralling a fine set of saw horses. He then regretted letting the vice slip by him that he spotted earlier in the day. It would have gone well with the horses.

Kevin, the youngest of our team did the best. Hiding in the "Free Boxes" he nabbed a Timberwolves jersey and a set of walkie-talkies.

All in all our safari into the neighborhoods and their mysterious alley-ways was fun and exhausting. We are putting together another expedition in the near future. Let me know of any special treasures you've found on your travel through the junkyard jungle.

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